About Werkspot

Werkspot.nl and Instapro.it is the free and easy way for homeowners to find and connect with trusted home improvement, maintenance and repair professionals.

Here’s how it works

Homeowners place a service request for free and we ask them to detail their request with relevant questions. This service request is sent to all professionals in their region who are capable of executing this project. Service professionals can choose if they want to respond to the homeowner, on average they get 3 responses.

The homeowner can view the response and proposal of the service pros but also look at their profile and reviews from former jobs. Based on this they select the service pros they want to work with by sharing their phone number.

Market Leader

We are the market leader in The Netherlands and also expanding internationally with our brand Instapro in Italy. We have generated over 2.400.000 service requests from consumers, we have more than 12.000 service professionals in our network in the Netherlands and 2500 in Italy.

With our young, open and driven team of 130 people in Amsterdam, we are working towards our mission every day: to become the easiest and most reliable way to arrange home services.

Our Vision

Everyone prefers to arrange home services online.

Today online has a market share of only 10% of the total outsourced home services market. The biggest channel is worth-of-mouth with 50%. We believe we can beat worth-of-mouth by offering a frictionless experience in finding a reliable service professional.

Our Mission

Be the easiest and most reliable way to arrange home services.

Our History

Werkspot was founded in 2005 by Joost Gielen and Sjoerd Eikenaar. From their web development company Freshheads, they tried and launched several startups, but this one really caught fire. Being the first marketplace for online home services was key for fast growth.

After 50% of the company was acquired by the Dutch yellow pages (DTG) the company launched their first TV campaign which accelerated the growth of Werkspot. In 2012 they reached the milestone of 500.000 jobs posted.



In 2013 the company moved to Amsterdam under the new management team with CEO Ronald Egas. Werkspot was acquired by the market leader in home services in the US: HomeAdvisor. HomeAdvisor is part of IAC which is responsible for many successful internet companies like Tripadvisor, Vimeo, match.com and Tinder.

In 2015 Werkspot started international expansion in Italy using the Instapro brand. Currently, Werkspot/Instapro consists of 130 people, 12.000 service professionals in the Netherlands, 2500 service professionals in Italy and over 2.6 million jobs posted in total.

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