Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

At werkspot we all have something in common, whether you are in Sales or in Software Development:

We all share the same 7 core
values when it comes to our company culture.


Be stronger together

We trust and support each other, we share the same mission, and celebrate our achievements.


Aim high

I challenge myself with passion and ambition.


Take ownership

I act as if it’s my own company by taking initiative to deliver value.


Be transparent and respectful

I create an open, safe and non-political environment. I give honest constructive feedback and compliments.

Be open-minded and curious

I embrace change and challenges while learning from failures and successes.

Embrace diversity

I am inclusive and our differences make us better.


Focus on our customers

I care about our Service Pros & Consumers and strive to meet their needs.

Use Objectives & Key Results 

Instead of annual performance management, Werkspot uses instant performance management. Just like top internet companies like Google and Netflix we use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

An objective is an ambitious qualitative goal which should feel uncomfortable and hard to achieve. Each objective has a maximum of 4 key results: quantitative steps to achieve the goal, measurable, and time-related. Every quarter the company sets a maximum of 5 objectives with key results. Based on this all teams set their team OKRs.

Finally, every employee proposes his own personal OKRs to his manager. All OKRs are transparent and visible in our 7Geese tool so you can see what everyone is working on.

Werkspot takes good care of you

We believe working should give you energy instead of cost you energy. That’s why we try to offer you a great working environment. Your daily caffeine dose comes in the form of Nespresso. We have fresh fruit available every day. There’s a room available for praying and/or nursing. And finally, we provide you with free lunch in our company lunchroom.

Like sports and working out? You can use the fitness room in our building, join our soccer team or run with your colleagues in one of the many sporting events we participate in.

We love to party

Our party crew organises epic parties. We have been sailing the canals, enjoying a tropical beach BBQ including live reggae band at IJburg and went clubbing with some awesome DJs. Every month we update you on the latest company news. Afterwards, we enjoy drinks and bites together.

Our rooftop terrace is specially designed by our party crew to have a good time during and after work. Whenever there is something to celebrate we make sure we do.

Examples when colleagues get recognized for one of the core values

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